ETDT offers paternity testing by appointment. Paternity testing provides scientific evidence of whether a man can be a child's biological father. Paternity is determined by comparing the child's DNA with the DNA profile of the alleged father. Results are typically back within 7 business days and the required documentation needed is: birth certificate for the child, social security card for the child, government issued photo ID for the father and social security number for father.

ETDT offers a variety of different types of DNA testing.


All Court Permissible Paternity testing require:

An Accredited Laboratory

A Non-Biased Collector

A Legal Chain of Custody


*Exceptions may include:

If a government issued photo ID or photograph cannot be obtained, either because the sample is from a deceased individual, a prenatal sample, an incarcerated individual or a sample provided by law enforcement officials, a signed affidavit attesting to the identity of the individual sampled may be supplied by the individual who performed or witnessed the sample collection, such as a doctor, coroner, corrections officer, third party, etc. Some laboratories may have a special form that can be filled out for these particular situations.

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